Sunday, 11 December 2011

Juliet and her many Romeos

So this is how the story goes...Once upon a time there was a bank in the centre of Munich which was partnered with a bank in Verona. As a tribute to the great love story which orginated in the city, the bank in Verona had a statue of Romeo and Juliet outside it. As a gift, the bank in Verona once gave the other bank an identical statue of their beloved Juliet. The idea was that people should place a bouquet of flowers at her feet and then stroke her cheek. In return, they would be blessed with love. Deciding that this was not where the public´s priorities lay, a new legend was created: forget the flowers, just stroke her breast and you will be blessed with an eternity of fun in the bedroom. Take a look at the colour of the brass and guess which legend prevailed. 

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