Monday, 5 December 2011

Bike Riding in Munich

My introduction to Munich happened on a bike and to be honest, it is definitely the best way to see the city. Unlike in Sydney where a lone bike rider will be beeped and abused until he gets off the road, even the buses in Munich must give way to bike riders and slowly chug along behind them if the bike rider decides he wants to ride in the middle of the road. It´s definitely my sort of city. 

 My aunty Jutta and I cycled for kilometers along the Isa river which runs directly through the middle of the city until we got to yet another park (the city is full of them) and refueled ourselves with warm sugar-roasted almonds at a christmas market. Then we rode to The Wave which is basically a choppy canal right in the middle of the city where people jump into freezing water and surf as best you can in a land-locked city whilst a bunch of spectators take photos of them. I was admittedly one of those spectators and you can see a photo below:

The Wave

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